The magic of the morning: a summary

In his book Hal Elrod offers a number of practices of self-development that help to live the first hour of the day with maximum benefit. Such a productive morning will give a boost of energy and inspiration for the whole day. These techniques are suitable for absolutely all people – regardless of age or occupation. And even regardless of whether you are a “lark” or “night owl“.

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Practice one: silence

How about starting a day not with running around and fuss, but with awareness, tranquility and tranquility? These conditions are most lacking for modern people in a highly stressed urban environment. If you have problems checking your articles on plagiarism, we have a good site for you. can check your essays without any problems. One of the ways proven by science is meditation. Scientists say that it reduces the level of stress, improves concentration and even increases some areas of the brain (for example, the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus).

Practice two: affirmations

In fact, this is not some kind of ultramodern fashion technology. Affirmations are the same inner dialogues that we semi-consciously conduct ourselves. But usually they are rather pessimistic and negative. Of course, this can and should be turned to good use. How can you reprogram your thinking with productivity and success with affirmations?

Decide on the goals. And do it for each side of life – whether it’s finances, relationships or physical health. Describe what you see your ideal life. The brain must know the specific destination.

Answer the question “Why?”. A few weighty arguments will help to clarify the goals better and make them more conscious. In addition, they will protect you from the oppressive and inhibiting doubts that will inevitably appear in your path.

Describe what kind of person you need to be to achieve your goals. Self-development is for that self-development, which you invest first of all in yourself. You can change your life only by changing your personality – and this is perhaps the most difficult task. The first step to solving it is to understand what you want from yourself.

Identify the actions that will lead to the goal. Include in them the exact number and frequency of steps that you intend to take. Say, “I’ll go to the gym 2 times a week and spend 30 minutes on it.” In this case, your progress will be maximally visible and controlled, and therefore – successful.

Use someone else’s experience. Add to your affirmations statements of other people who most exactly resonate with your thoughts. In this there is nothing shameful – on the contrary, you seem to get the strength of those individuals whose quotes are pronounced.

Briefly and effectively write down the answers to the above points, and then read them aloud every morning – every day. You can combine this with sports or a shower – the main thing is to do it emotionally and sincerely.

Practice the third: visualization

For quite some time athletes have been using this technique in their training. And in such a pragmatic area as sport nothing stays empty and inefficient – so you can safely add this technique to your arsenal.

Hell Ellrod recommends doing this practice right after reading affirmations – and doing this in three stages:

Prepare yourself – sit comfortably, but not in too loose a position, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Beforehand, you can include pleasant but unobtrusive music.

Imagine what you want to achieve. Just create in your brain as vivid and deep images of the life as you aspire to. Connect all the senses, imagine the emotions that you will feel. In other words, try to survive your future. The more alive it will be – the more effort you will then apply to achieve your plans.

Imagine who you want to be. Imagine how fervently you will perform your work, and with what pleasure to go out for a morning run. Visualize all those actions in which you will be expressed as a person and how your environment will react – close, friends and colleagues.